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CCI at Technological University Dublin is funded by Enterprise Ireland's Regional Technology Clustering Fund*, under Project Ireland 2040. 

The construction sector in Ireland is a key contributor to economic growth and employment and currently faces many challenges and opportunities including:

  • New methods of construction, including modular construction, off-site manufacturing and pre-fabrication
  • Green technologies, renewable energy targets, retrofit and sustainable practices decreasing the impact of climate change
  • Supply chain efficiencies addressing industry fragmentation
  • Skills improvement reducing the impacts of human resources shortages
  • Innovative technologies transforming the sector, such as BIM and the digitisation of construction
  • Flattening construction's discontinuous demand cycles through increased productivity

CCI aims to build capacity among SMEs in the construction sector to ensure they can maintain their competitiveness, internationalise their businesses, and improve their productivity.

*The Regional Technology Cluster fund (RTCF) was launched by Enterprise Ireland in 2020, Under Project Ireland 2040. Through this competitive RTCF, Enterprise Ireland has funded 12 Educational Outreach or Cluster Managers on a multi annual basis who were appointed in 2020 & 2021 in various Institutes of Technology (IoTs) and Technological Universities (Tus) across the landscape of Ireland.

The objectives of the Cluster Managers are to support IoTs / TUs to increase their engagement and connectivity with SMEs in particular, and industry in line with their research and educational remit, thereby strengthening enterprise productivity. The development of enterprise clustering in identified sectors/thematic areas is to foster increased SME productivity, drives SME competitiveness, and support internationalisation activity.



CCI governance structure consists of a cluster (outreach) manager, an industry chair and a steering committee representing the industry, academia and government. The founding steering committee and chair will be selected from influential construction sector players. As the cluster matures, these governing functions will be nominated by and from within the membership.

CCI Steering Committee 

Ruairí Hayden

Head of Construction Management, Technological University Dublin


Network Manager, Construction Professionals Skillnet
Construction Industry Federation