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Construction Cluster Ireland

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CCI Launch Event

CCI was successfully launched officially on the 23rd of March at 09.30am (GMT) with insightful talks from a diverse lineup of high-profile keynote speakers and a panel discussion with pioneering industry members.

About CCI

Construction Cluster Ireland (CCI) is an industry-driven cluster organisation that aims to build capacity amongst SMEs in the construction and built environment sector to ensure they can maintain their competitiveness, internationalise their businesses, and improve their productivity.

CCI creates a brokerage space and acts as a catalyst to:
  • Build resilience and capacity amongst SMEs 
  • Collectively address the common challenges and identify opportunities
  • Link with construction businesses and prospects internationally
  • Connect the ecosystem to benefit all members


Connecting the construction industry, academia and government, CCI's clustering activities lessens the isolation of member SMEs using a bottom-up approach to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of cluster firms
  • Collectively address opportunities and roadblocks
  • Improve access to knowledge, talent, market, research and innovation
  • Assist in securing finance through improved access to funding supports
  • Build alignment around common agendas

Access to:

Technology & innovation


Talent & Skills

Collaboration partners

Public funds & supports

New markets


The construction sector is undergoing a significant transformation driven by forces such as digital technology, climate change, globalisation and market uncertainty. 

It is essential that all construction companies, regardless of size, are supported to maximise the benefits and opportunities of this transformation. A resilient, productive and innovative construction sector is vital to delivering national economic priorities, which can be achieved by increasing collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the industry.

CCI will play a key role in promoting and encouraging co-opetition* amongst construction firms through supported partner matching and development planning.

* cooperating with a competitor to achieve a common goal or get ahead. Reference source: Harvard Business Review


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CCI is an initiative of Enterprise Ireland, located at TU Dublin's Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Bolton Street.